Samy Vincent

Samy Vincent

My name is Samy Vincent. I founded CastorCAD in 2012 to create realistic 3D images for architecture.

Since then I’ve decided to do more than realistic architectural renderings by constantly trying to exceed my client’s expectations.

Throughout the past three years I interested myself in architecture, interior design, and landscape design. I had to know how people came up with these ideas! By doing so I would create something different, something better.

I realized what gave an image the “wow factor”. It’s not only about the realism of the materials, the stunning light effects, or even the composition of the image. That was just a part of it. The true beauty lies in the thoughts of my client. All I had to do was listen!

While listening I found a way to deliver something that would be more than just a "realistic image". I decided to educate myself on landscape design and now I design the landscape in my 3D renderings for almost all my clients.

To clarify I am not a landscape designer, far from it, but I also am not a 3D freelancing artist. I am a creative concept 3D designer who truly adds value to the projects I work on.

Let’s see if I can do the same for you.


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